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Chicago – the home of Route 66, brutally cold winters, deep-dish pizza and of course baseball. Chicago is an amazing city soaked in culture, food and people from all over the world, however, what is it really like to live in the windy city? Is it affordable or a money-drainer? 


Chicago Loans


Regardless of where you stand, it’s hard to ignore the fact that living in a big city can end up costing you some serious cash. The good news is, Andy Loans is here to help relieve some of that pressure with its Chicago loans. We know that life doesn’t always go as planned.  Sometimes we all need a hand getting our finances in order. 


Andy Loans is the new kid on the block. We take the stress out of finding your perfect personal loan. Andy Loans does the searching for you. We’re a lender finder with a difference. Our team works for you. Our team helps Americans find lenders who can provide the funds for a variety of different circumstances. Whether you’re looking to pay a bill or take a vacation, Andy Loans could find you a reliable lender for Chicago loans.


What Makes Chicago So Great?


If you’re a Chicago local then you probably know the answer to that question already. Yes, Chicago can be an expensive city to call home, but as the locals know, it has so much to offer! So, we’ve compiled a list of what we think makes Chicago one of the greatest cities in America.


#1 Food! 


Who can deny it, Chicago has some of the best food in the entire US. Chicago is a foodies heaven and by heaven we mean hotdogs, deep-dish pizza, burgers, ribs and the list goes on. There is so much to see and do in Chicago but you’ve got to eat right! Here’s what you need to get in your belly in the windy city:





If you’re a fan of deep-dish pizza then this place is an absolute must. The pies here are famous for their caramelized cheese and the crust is the best part! 



  • Seoul Sassy Chicken Wings – Lakeview 



If you love ginger-soy-garlic coated succulent chicken wings then you are going to fall in love with this place. After all, who doesn’t love juicy Korean chicken wings?





It is said this taste sensation was inspired by Chef Phillip Floss watching his daughter dip french fries into her ice cream. Basically, you get a potato to eat with your ice cream. Trust us, it’s good!


#2 Transport 


It couldn’t be easier to get around when you live in Chicago. The truth is, you can pretty much walk everywhere. So, not only will you get your daily step count in, you’ll also save some cash. Chicago is also home to the second largest public transportation system in America. Most locals don’t even own a car. The bus and train make it super simple to get just about anywhere. If you’re a keen bike rider there is also an authorized bike sharing system in the city. 


#3 Lake Michigan 


Lake Michigan is one of Chicago’s biggest draw cards. Although there is no ocean beach, the lake is one of the biggest of its type in the whole world. During the warmer months, locals stroll along the shores to escape the heat. All year round, locals flock to the shores of Lake Michigan to enjoy festivals, parties and barbeques. The lake is a popular hotspot for boat owners as well as boasting over 30 miles of beach accessible to those who prefer to stay on land. The Navy Pier is located along the beach extending 3,300 feet into the water and offering over 50 acres of parks, shops and restaurants. 


#4 Sport (of course) 


Known as the Best Sports City in the US, Chicago is home to some of the greatest teams of all time. If you’re a baseball fan, Chicago is home to both the Cubs and the White Sox. If the NBA is your thing then you can’t miss a Bulls game, and if hockey gets the blood pumping then you’ve got top catch the Blackhawks. If you’re planning on taking a trip to one of the bars in the city then you’ll probably still be hearing about the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl win. Wherever you go in Chicago, sport is a major part of life. 


#5 Shopping 


Chicago is a city of style – and don’t you forget it! Although it might not be globally known for its shopping, Chicago might just surprise you. The Miracle Mile, or Michigan Avenue, offers a huge variety of malls, restaurants, and high end boutiques. We recommend hitting up Wrigleyville if you’re keen to get your hands on your favorite teams sporting gear. If designer labels is more your vibe then we recommend taking a trip to Oak Street.


It’s Not Always Easy: The Struggles Of Living In Chicago


#1 The Cost Of Living (ain’t pretty)


For all of its amazing highs, Chicago does have its drawbacks. Unfortunately, the cost of living is quite high. Chicago happens to be one of the few cities that has a tax on most things, even groceries are taxed at a rate of 2.25%! As most locals know, there is a restaurant tax of 0.25% on anything pre-made. The sales tax is up to 10.25% and the windy city is home to the second-highest property tax in the country. 


#2 The Winter Winds 


During Chicago’s winter months the breeze can be absolutely brutal. If you’re not used to a cool draft (or gale) then it might take you a little while to acclimatise. From December to January, it is not unusual for the temperature to drop below 0 – with the windchill getting down to a frosty -30. Chicago is definitely a city of extremes with the summer days being hot and humid averaging between 78 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 


#3 Your Are Your Neighborhood 


It might be a strange concept for outsiders, but for Chicago local you are your neighborhood. Each part of the city offers its own culture, attractions and personality. Most Chicago locals will settle in a particular area of the city and stay there. The Northside of the city boasts a strong jazz culture and most residents are avid baseball follower, while the Westside has a strong Mexican influence. Downtown is where you’ll find the major attractions, and the South of the city features most of the historical attractions such as museums and monuments. 


#4 Infamous Crime 


Unfortunately, Chicago is well known for its crime. Gangsters such as Al Capone and John Dillinger have contributed to the cities strong criminal stigma. There continued presence within the city can be felt through memorial markers that draw a great deal of tourism. 


#5 The Traffic Can Be A Nightmare 


Chicago has some of the best public transport in the US, however, if you do need to drive your car the traffic can be a massive headache. The city only has seven mainland and four auxiliary highways. That means driving on the Dan Ryan or Kennedy highways during rush hour can mean you will sit in stand still traffic for a long time. If you’re planning on driving it’s a good idea to plan ahead and make sure you give yourself plenty of extra time!    


So, How Could A Chicago Loan Help You?


Why let finance (or lack of) get you down Chicago? Andy Loans is here to ease the burden. A personal loan could help you secure the cash you need. Our team will do their best to match you with a compatible lender as fast as possible. We don’t mess around. Here’s how a Chicago online personal loan could help you: 


#1 Take A Break


Give yourself a break, it can be pretty tough out there! Andy Loans could be the answer to your financial headaches. We do our best to match you with a compatible lender as quickly as possible and there is a whole range of things you could spend your cash on. Why not take a weekend away? Or, perhaps ease the stress on those upcoming bills. Just ask Andy and we’ll do our best to find you a lender that can get you the cash! 


#2 Ease The Pressure 


Living in Chicago can often mean a paycheck to paycheck kind of life. We’re not all planners, and that’s okay! If an emergency expense has popped up then why go it alone? Our team understands that life is bound to throw you a few curveballs. So, why go it alone? Andy Loans is here to make your life just that little bit easier. There’s no need to go it alone. Just ask Andy and we’ll do our best to find you a lender quick smart!


#3 Make Life That Little Bit Easier 


Why not make life that little bit easier with a debt consolidation loan from Andy Loans. What is debt consolidation? Essentially, debt consolidation means we’ll turn all your little debts into one straightforward repayment. When you’ve got a million things on your mind making repayments on multiple loans can get tricky. So, why not ease the burden with a consolidation loan from Andy! 


#4 Andy Is Online! 


That’s right, Andy Loans is 100% online! That means you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own living room if you’d like to submit a form for Chicago loans. A personal loan inquiry has never been so easy. Our team will do their best to find you a Chicago loans lender ASAP and be upfront and honest! We don’t want to waste your time.


How do I get started?


Like what you hear? If you’re ready to submit an inquiry regarding a Chicago online personal loan you’ll need to:


  • be 18 years of age; 
  • be able to prove you are an American citizen or permanent resident;
  • have evidence of a regular source of income for at least the last 3 months; 
  • provide us with your employment information;
  • have evidence of a permanent address; 
  • and provide us with your online banking information.


If you can tick all of those boxes you’re ready to ask Andy!


Chicago Loans In 3 Easy Steps


Ready to inquire about Chicago loans with Andy? Here’s what you’ll need to do:


1: Complete The Online Form 


If you’re ready to get started, just scroll up and use our loan calculator to select your desired loan amount. When you’re happy, just hit ‘submit now’. You’ll then be directed to our online form where we’ll just ask you to provide a few simple details. 


2: We Find You A Lender 


Once our team receives your form, we’ll get searching for a Chicago loans lender. At Andy Loans we’ll do our best to find you a compatible lender that can help. If you submit your form during regular business hours we’ll do our best to get back to you in minutes! 


3: Say Hi To Your New Lender 


If the Andy team has been successful in their search we’ll let you know straight away. Your lender will then be in touch to sort out the details of your new Chicago loan! 


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