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Why use Andy Loans?

We think consumers deserve a break. Securing for the loan you need, shouldn’t take days. So, we’re ready to connect you with a lender in minutes.* With no joining fees, you can complete the form without the hassle of searching for the “right” lender.

Secure a lender in three simple steps and you could be connected with the lender you need FAST. We’re 100% online, so there is no need for countless meetings and endless waiting. Jump online and complete a fast form and you could have funds delivered directly to your account in no time.

*subject to when you submit the form

A Fair Go

Andy Loans gives every applicant a fair go at finding the lender they need. Our partner-lenders can look at more than just your credit score, for example. They typically look at your current relationship with money to assess your suitability for a loan.

So, have bad credit? Or receiving welfare? You could still be eligible for a loan. Our partner-lenders may still conduct credit checks, however, don’t let that deter you. They can look at more than your credit score. Make borrowing easy and submit our form today.

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